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all that is set up to be accomplished for option 4 by february 1st, 2013? >> so, i think that's a fair question. i guess i'd first say i wouldn't have recommended it if i thought it was not possible. i think there's a tremendous amount of work to be done and there are a lot of things that need to fall into place quickly in order to make that happen. as i mentioned before, i have been in conversation with president chiu about this. i've been in conversation with mayor lee about this. our sense was as i said before, the city family can come together and marshal the resources to try to make this happen. and if we have a willing party in terms of the property owner, i think it is possible. we have evaluated the level of environmental review that we believe would be required. we believe that it's doable in that timeline. the other approvals we believe are doable in that timeline. it's certainly by no means easy. it's by no means a slam dunk. but, again, would not have recommended it if i didn't think it was viable. as i said before, i think it is a win/win scenario. it's one that i would l
disabled are welcomed and put to work. ♪ >>> and kim lawton reports on the st. olaf christmas festival in minnesota and the world-renowned st. olaf choir. ♪ >>> welcome, i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. as congress and the president struggle to reach an agreement on taxes and federal spending, religious leaders gathered on capitol hill to once again urge lawmakers to protect antipoverty programs. the interfaith group called cuts to those programs immoral. >> we as religious call on our country's leaders to not push the country's most marginalized peoples off the fiscal cliff, >>> palestinians celebrated this week after the united nations general assembly voted overwhelmingly to recognize palestine as a nonmember observer state. many jewish groups denounced the u.n. action, saying it undermines future peace negotiations with israel. some u.s. christian and muslim leaders supported the move. the palestinians were not granted full u.n. membership, but their upgraded status could allow them access to other u.n. and international bodies, including the international crimin
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it puts an onerous deadline of february 1st on doing what the director says, "if neither alternative can be accomplished by february 1st" that means get an e-i-r. that means, here it is -- "requires that additional local funds be appropriated, that review environmental review be approved." are you joking? that's never going to be done by february 1st. you're making fun of people when you suggest it will be and this proclamation needs to be kicked back. it's full of flaws. so, personally, whether it's option 2 or option 4 isn't as important as the process by which you arrive atlasening to what people have to say and having the integrity to get it right. thank you. (applause) >> denise [speaker not understood], john bollinger, francis gore man. >> good afternoon. * gorman please just start. >>> is this on? i guess it is. okay. i'm denise [speaker not understood]. i'm with save and i rely heavily on public transit system, our public transit system. and i fear because of this ill-advised project, public services will be diminished and fares will increase, and this has not come up
of 3 give their words of & encouragement. p3 it was a big day at st. joseph & medicalccnter...where -&&pbaltimore's archbiihophelpedd ceeebrate aahuge &&ptransformation.john rydell & joins us with more onthe completion of a big merger...john... 3 jennifer... it's nw ""fffcial.""st. joees" ... has -3been "acquured" "university" oo maryland... medical systee. and hat years...of turmmil...and the ttwson hhspital. hospital. ((music)) in the chapel at st. & jjseph's medical center... there is cclebbatton.(nats) itts a bbessing of a new mergee betteenthisscaaholic -&phhspital...and tte university ofmaayyand medical system. but - before aaceremonial ribbon- cutting...there'ssa moment - silence...for the victims oo that horrifii connectiiut."so when tis terrible news came, it strucc arrival in baltimore...archbis hoppwilliam lori...was the bishop of bridgepoot, - connncticuu. heeofferss prayers...for he mann survivors.(lori) "especiilly for those parents wwo lost - tthir liitle ones who suffer a
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the 30th to st. andrews day and goes right up to christmas eve and then you go into christmas season. four sundays. used to be five. but back in the sixth century one of the popes said that is too long. so it goes from the 30th of november up to christmas eve. >> that is advent. i see. so it's a time of arrival coming preparation. >> the color is purple. now going to royal blue. anticipating of the kingship of christ. three things. one is about some dread. it's dark. it's cold. you are supposed to reflect inward. when you reflect inward you say what if god comes and kaboom? it's also in this time of stillness and preparation but at the core of it advent is a time of hope. that is the expectation. that is the four sunday's theme. >> hope and joy and love and i think peace is at the end. >> peace is at the end. candles. this is an interesting thing. there is a wreath in most churches now. and there are three purple candles and one pink one i think. this is sort of a new thing that has caught on. each candle you light an advent wreath. now the wreath goes back to it's always scandinavia
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at napa and at st. helena as more of the rain coming into the watersheds -- the rivers will come up to near flood stage. it's not going to be dramatically overflood stage. at least that's not the way it looks right now. along the napa river at napa or st. helena and the russian river at guerneville you to monitor this. let's show you what's supposed to happen at guerneville. forecast is to reach just above flood stage at 32.7 feet tomorrow morning -- or rather monday morning at 9:00. whereas on the napa river it looks like it will peak sunday afternoon. so stay tuned on that if you are in those areas. mean time here is how to looks for us. on and off showers through the day. heavy rain returns tomorrow morning at this time. the rain is out of the area by sunday and finally we get a chance to breathe. we will have impressive totals and a specific look at what's going ounfold over the next 24 hours. first let's check with ann. >>> thank you, brian. the pg&e crews are hard at work around the clog to -- clock to keep power on for bay area customers. in north bay there are power outages
. i don't feel strongly about. mr. st. croix? i think mr. pillpa's point that if you read in what we defined as "support," into it and replace it, it starts to sound fairly redundant. >> well, if i might? i think where i'm having the most trouble now and we're into subsection b for a second. on line 7. that you can have a circumstance where a primarily formed committee perhaps is only filing semiannual reports and not pre-election reports, but in the instance where that primarily formed committee supports a candidate and using the language "support [o-eufpblts/] ," going to the definition here. i think you are trying to get in that instance a primarily formed committee. >> the reason leaving it in is not redundant, they are going to try to self-define, if they want to get around this provision. >> right. >> so i want them, if they say, we're not raising money to elect him or her, we're just raising money to encourage them. that is covered. we say we are not supporting their election. we are only supporting their candidacy. we might be absurd, but we have had absurd claims befor
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of the building more attractive than they were before. >> here we were at the historic st. francis hotel, which was actually a representation of the evolution of elevators. can you tell us more about san francisco history here at the st. francis? >> sure. st. francis demonstrates well the evolution of elevated technology. and substantially damaged the 1906 earthquake and rebuilt in 1907 or 1908, and extend it again in 1913. then a new tower was added in 1932, so there is all sorts of elevator technology you can see at the st. francis that very much represents the building history of san francisco. >> i understand there is a really old elevator still operating here. >> that is right, the elevator installed in the 1913 expansion. we can go look at that. >> let's go take a look. here we are in a spectacular st. francis lobby. here is the clock. when people say "meet me at the clock in the st. francis." let's look at that elevator. >> ok, let's do it. >> here we are in the elevator installed as part of the expansion, and this is the way it was originally installed about 100 years ago. it has a manu
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in the neighborhood, too. and i'm also very concerned about this february 1st, this important arbitrary deadline. it seems to me this is very important. and i just think that -- i would hope that all of you and i can imagine you want some time to look into this and not feel that you are rushed, too, because it's so important. and the impact of what is going to happen to future development, [speaker not understood]. but i'd hate to see this rushed by some arbitrary february 1st deadline. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> dan [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood]. >> good afternoon, sir. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is dan makiarini. i'm a long-time merchant and my family is a long-time merchant in north beach. my father opened his store in the fall of 1948 and we are the the longest ongoing design house and production studio for modern jewelry and small sculpture in the united states at this time. i work with my daughter, proudly have, a family business. part of the reason there is so much interest in this project at this time i
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, which would be coincidentally on february 1st to explain where we are. >> i personally would have no objection to that. and just to be clear, is it -- the decision under option 4 need to be made by february or all of the preconditions that we've talked about need to be sewed up? i mean, i realize there can be a point in january where it all looks like it's lining up and you and the agency decide, we're going forward with option 4, subject to some contingencies. and if those go bad, it has the negative impacts you talked about. but i think the concern from the community that we're hearing, and i know you hear this, is that we sort of set a false goal. so, i wonder if february 1st is really the anticipated deadline to have everything done, all the environmental review, all the funding, all the agreements, or is the deadline really to make a decision and say we're far enough along the road that we're going to pursue option 4 despite some contingencies accepted down the line? >> i see it as the latter. if, for example, we had all of our approvals and didn't have meeting -- we were req
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